About us

Biotab has been described as the “ideal” biocide. Recent innovations in safe and efficient delivery mechanisms have allowed Biotab (chlorine dioxide) to be applied to a wide variety of applications.

Biotopegroup assists in protecting the environment from harmful chemicals, dangerous bacteria and by-products formed from other disinfection methods.

Biotopegroup solutions create the right environment with a long biocidal effect without leaving any by-products.

The potential for our technology is far reaching; applications range from drinking water, animal health, food industry, bio security, etc.

Almost 80 different claims have been described in EPA literature. In fact, anywhere microbial contamination is an issue, Biotopegroup can be the right choice !!

Biotab should not be compared to or confused with chlorine!

In case of chlorine dioxide, the oxygen atoms/electron transfer causes the oxidation. The chloride ion (as in sodium chloride (=salt)) does not take an active part in the reaction. The pungent smell of chlorine can therefore not be detected in the water when using chlorine dioxide.

Biotab is very effective in killing pathogens such as fungi, bacteria and viruses.
It’s a very selective oxidant and reacts mainly with organic substances.

The major advantage of chlorine dioxide, in comparison with other oxidants (hydrogen peroxide, ozone and chlorine), is its low oxidation power, in combination with a high oxidation capacity.
The combination of low oxidation power and high oxidation capacity makes this product very suitable for relatively safe and easy use in a variety of applications including aquaculture.

Contrary to many other oxidants, chlorine dioxide is also very effective at low temperatures and high pH values. Unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide does not affect the pH value.

Chlorine dioxide has been recognized by World Health Organisation (W.H.O) as the most effective A1 disinfecting reagent.

below table of some organisms that Biotopegroup’s solutions (Chlorine dioxide) has been tested with…